Building and accelerating B2B SaaS, Software and Technology companies Sales Pipeline without spending huge amounts on advertising or requiring a large sales team even in uncertain conditions!

Tejas Oza, CEO, Grow Digitally
Tejas Oza, CEO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Grow Digitally</a>

Tejas Oza, CEO, Grow Digitally

In the current times, it is challenging for small and midsized B2B SaaS, Software, IT and Consulting companies to maintain continuous growth and return on investment. These challenges could be due to the current uncertain environment, poor strategies or management. Attracting and engaging high-value clients is another challenge faced by businesses. Even for experienced marketing and sales professionals creating a strong B2B marketing and sales pipeline is a challenge.

Grow Digitally, a new-age marketing consulting and mar-tech company has developed a unique B2B Client Acquisition (BCA) Framework, driven by Account Based Marketing that allows B2B SaaS, Software and Technology companies to grow consistently by combining agile Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and inbound marketing. Grow Digitally’s BCA framework, allows clients to identify potential ideal target accounts, identify the key decision-makers and create personalized campaigns for the targeted client list. The potential buying committee is simultaneously targeted at the same time with personalized messages for each of their roles. 

Grow Digitally focuses on targeted outcomes and strategies that are required to build the marketing and sales pipeline across the client’s “buyer journey”.

The BCA framework concentrates sales and marketing team/s on clearly defined set of target accounts within the addressable market and create personalized campaigns for each target account. This approach it delivers potentially the highest ROI while reducing marketing budget waste and risk.

A mar-tech platform such as HubSpot is used to integrates all the teams and processes under one roof. The BCA framework sets up measurable campaigns and orchestration to target, engage and acquire accounts. With the BCA framework, Grow Digitally has introduced customizable playbooks and plug and play templates. These playbooks help small and midsized and B2B SaaS/Software and Technology companies grow their sales pipeline quickly through accelerated program execution. The playbooks are ready-to-go especially for HubSpot platform and can be adopted for all other leading platforms.

Let’s see what one of the clients of Grow digitally, a bootstrapped SaaS export software company has to say about Grow Digitally: "We initially engaged Tejas and Grow Digitally team to help us with Marketing Strategy for our enterprise SaaS business. Tejas and team have developed a considered strategy and a detailed plan that aims to help double the revenue of our SaaS business within the next two years. Grow Digitally is now helping us with Account-Based Marketing with targeting and engaging 125 potential clients to help enhance our sales pipeline. If you want someone who gets excited about your business growth and partners with you passionately, I recommend Tejas and his team." – Founder and CEO of ImpexDocs

Grow Digitally has helped several small and mid-sized software and technology companies to build and accelerate their sales pipeline successfully despite the pandemic situation. A supply chain software company-built pipeline of $5.4M within 10 weeks, a new-age AI-based enterprise software platform targeted and engaged decision-makers of 8 large global enterprise accounts within 11 weeks. Another example would be a marketplace app that was launched with help with Grow Digitally that has of 1,705 subscribes within 10 weeks. All of these was achieved right in the middle of pandemic using the BCA framework driven by Account-Based Marketing!

Grow Digitally’s Latest Offerings:

Grow Digitally is in the process of launching specialised BCA framework training and coaching offering for founders and marketing leaders of small B2B SaaS/Software and Technology Companies. The new offering helps those businesses scale the pipeline and growth faster for those companies.

By providing different growth solutions, including software, consulting, coaching and training, Grow Digitally aims to double the revenue of 200 businesses in the next 5 years. Grow Digitally plans to expand in New Zealand, Singapore and the US.