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Kevin Butler, VP
The marketing world has witnessed some incredible technological advancements over the past decade. With each innovation enhancing the impact of advertising content in many digital mediums, competition is on the rise in the marketplace on a global scale. Such benefits came at higher rates than traditional marketing solutions and services, compelling marketers to focus on various business areas. Some of them are reducing acquisition costs, improving overall spend management, and tackling hurdles such as reduced headcounts in businesses. Many companies have emerged to address the aforementioned needs, leveraging the latest digital marketing technologies and strategies, but Goose Digital’s solutions are distinct.

Goose Digital is a marketing automation agency that has reinvented marketing strategies to help organizations utilize HubSpot to best align with their business objectives for better marketing performance. The company consequently focuses on expediting internal procedures, improving workflows, and facilitating seamless enterprise-wide communication.

Goose Digital consolidates digital marketing competencies and right-sizes the operations of HubSpot to provide turnkey solutions customized for each client’s unique requirements. Be it in the context of B2B or B2C, Goose Digital layers marketing strategies into an organization to evaluate the business function model with its Marketing Accelerators offering. After studying a client’s business function model, the company eliminates the complexities of effective inbound strategies to effectuate the best marketing content for any given product or service; and hosting large marketing programs is another interesting facet of its domain expertise. Goose Digital marketing automation solutions ensure clients are provided with essential data sets, business insights, customer information, and digital roadmap services efficiently and cost effectively.

“Strategy is everything; a good plan dictates what tools and tactics we need to achieve each business goal. Our expertise across HubSpot and the field of marketing gives us the ability to focus on marketing systems and driving value,” says Kevin Butler, vice president of Goose Digital.
The company has recognized how poor strategy directly affects a business’s ROI, which accounts for the stakeholders as well. The growing marketing trends have made Goose Digital rethink and co-relate marketing tools and tactics to address acquisition costs and marketing spends. Whether it is new leads, customer engagement, or revenue generation, the MarTech expert aids companies in planning, executing, and measuring various metrics to help improve and perform more productively. The company also reboots HubSpot’s existing digital marketing solution stack to maximize marketing programs for its clients.

Goose Digital strives to eliminate the complexities of effective inbound marketing strategies to provide a complete advantage for a product or a service

To further elucidate Goose Digital’s Hubspot automation competencies, the following story of a growing consultancy firm based out of Michigan aptly serves the purpose. Addressing HubSpot’s different stages of the client’s lead generation through to the customer journey, Butler and his team automated their communications to better express the consultancy’s value proposition in the marketplace. They wished to educate potential customers on what the firm offered, subsequently improving sales. Goose Digital met clients’ requirements and affordably enhanced their customer experience journeys.

From implementing marketing strategies and data integrations to CRM touch points, Goose Digital leverages a funnel marketing approach design that is “lead-to revenue.” Data assessments for quality, support, custom marketing performance dashboards and systems integration for CRM and MAP are some of the comprehensive solutions that Goose Digital proffers to carry out intelligent, scalable marketing campaigns. The company’s strategies for marketing realize the full capabilities of HubSpot and the depth it offers across the broad spectrum of digital marketing and CRM.

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Kevin Butler, VP

Goose Digital specializes in integrating marketing strategies with HubSpot by understanding clients’ core business. The company provides customized programs that get the most out of their Hubspot investments.

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